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With a single push
of a button

Directory listing, contacts, business trips approval status and more - all information
is rapidly and easily accessible, updated
in real-time.

Your administration office always has access to all students data.

Instant access
No new passwords!

Don't worry about remembering
a yet-another-password. You can use
one of your existing accounts to sign in.

In fact, PhdHub is a partner of IDEM-GARR, Identity Federation of italian universities.
Not only that, we support many other account providers

The right account,
for everyone

PhdHub provides different profiles
for different types of users.

Each user has access to their own profile with related content and actions, such as personal info update, career-related changes, and interactions with other users.

Always updated
study plan

PhdHub allows you to manage courses, enrollments, and teaching materials.

Moreover, exams registrations can be made maintaining the school's current grading system.

Everything under control, wherever
you are

With PhdHub it is very easy to control internal workflows and other processes related to business and conference trips, such as authorization, fees and reimbursements.

Accounting dashboard

Keep a close watch on school's expenses and trends, thanks to real-time graphs and charts.

The data can also be exported in different formats, compatible with industry software, like PDF, CSV and Excel.



Accessible anytime, anywhere

PhdHub is an online service and can be accessed from any device - be it personal computers, mobile phones or tablets. You just need an internet connection and a web browser.

Customize your PhdHub

Each school is different! For this reason PhdHub allows you to customize the design of your school pages: upload your own logo, change background image, texts color, and a lot of other details!

Pay only for what you use

The cost of the service is based on the real needs of each school. Our pricing model is attributed to the number of user accounts. Users can be added at any time.

API for external connections

PhdHub functionalities are not limited to the ones provided by the system. Registered organizations can always integrate their own services developed in-house through our API (Application Programming Interface).

One-month free trial

You have 30 days to try out all PhdHub features. Take your time to decide if it fits your needs.

Forget about software updates

PhdHub does not require you and users of your organization to make any software download, installation or upgrade. It is updated automatically, and always includes brand new features and services.

Users support

PhdHub users can always count on our assistance provided via Helpdesk, in addition to generic and customizable guide pages.